Conveniently located in the heart of Québec City near the Petit-Champlain district, the Port of Québec offers competitive global compensation, including many benefits that surpass those of the job market. Its concern for work-life balance is reflected in concrete actions such as flexible schedules, telecommuting and different types of holidays. Its health program offers many activities. Its human and eco-responsible values are put into practice on a daily basis for more than a hundred employees who work together in a healthy and motivating environment.
The word to our team

Community involvement

“During the lockdown, I was on leave with pay for four months to support Centraide activities. This allowed me to make a difference in my community with the support of my employer.”

Jean-François, Cruise Operations Coordinator

Active living

« Working at the Port allows me to practice several sports at lunchtime or after work. Running, biking, swimming, walking, you name it! Group fitness classes with our colleagues are also offered, and we can even experience ice canoeing in winter! »

Steeve, Director, Health & Safety

Remote work

« Hybrid work gives me more time for myself and less stress with traffic, especially in winter. This flexibility greatly improves my quality of life. With the $500 the Port offers to buy office equipment, I’m just as functional as in the office.  »

Sagette, Community Relations Advisor

Avantages sociaux

« Group insurance is available from day one! Dental care, vision care, massage therapy, etc. Plus, there’s free telemedicine, an employee assistance program, health conferences and many other benefits. »

Nathalie, Graphic Designer

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